About Nico Nieves


Nico Nieves is a new artist with a smooth R&B voice that takes life experiences and writes lyrics to create good music & art. He possesses drive, passion and a vision that is uniquely created to make you feel some type of way.


“Sometimes words don't come out the way we want or think in our head. Writing/ Singing allows you to escape into a journey that you hear, feel, and see in your head. I like to get lost in my music. I can get so zoned in, that by the time the song is written I look up like…WTH just happened. It’s a fun blackout feeling that gets me going.”


Nico is currently collaborating with producers Beatslaya, MikS, and Mike Muse preparing to release his debut solo project in mid 2017.

Teaming up with long time friend/ radio DJ/ songwriter, Danial “Jiggy” Diaz, on co-writing majority of the songs on the upcoming EP/ Album. Another feature/ co-writer on the rise (Rapper & Songwriter Definne) is featured on the song “Hazy Cloud” and co-wrote a few songs with Nico as well. 


Stay tuned for more and follow this journey…



Freakin Weekend

by Nico Nieves